MK International Film Festival Theatre

Join us for Milton Keynes International Film Festival (MKIFF) on Saturday, 28th September.

The Milton Keynes International Film Festival (MKIFF) is the city’s premier and sole international film festival, established in 2020. As a major cultural event in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, MKIFF holds significant importance in the local cinematic landscape.

Ticket costs: MKIFF Day Pass : £25.00

Attendees must be 16 years or older to attend the screening and award ceremony.

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MKIFF aspires to establish a cultural hub for alternative and independent cinema both in the UK and the wider region. The festival takes place in Milton Keynes, a city known for its green spaces, enthusiasm, and friendliness. Beyond fostering a strong competitive spirit, MKIFF serves as a cultural crossroads where residents, guests, and film enthusiasts can enjoy a week of cinematic communication.

The festival aims to create an inviting environment for film artists and cinema enthusiasts from the UK and around the world to share their passion and knowledge of the art form. MKIFF’s goal is to bring together filmmakers, producers, and distributors globally, encouraging future collaborations in Milton Keynes, the youngest and one of the most dynamic cities in the UK. By showcasing diverse voices and works, MKIFF is dedicated to presenting audiences with alternative perspectives of extraordinary variety.

MKIFF is committed to expanding the number of screening venues and durations for European and non-European films of all genres in Milton Keynes. Additionally, the festival aims to develop new audiences across the country by combining film screenings with public and thematic debates, enhancing film literacy and engaging a broader and more informed film audience.