The Chrysalis Theatre was established in 2004, after a two-year self-build community project. The unique space derives from its relationship with the Camphill Milton Keynes Community, founded upon Rudolf Steiner and Karl Koenig’s philosophies.

A multi-function space, the venue was built to meet the needs of the Camphill Milton Keynes Community, who provide sheltered accommodation and meaningful work for adults with learning disabilities.

The Chrysalis Theatre is used for theatre workshops and performances, singing, eurhythmy, bell ringing, religious services, gatherings, celebration, Family and Friends meetings and fun days.

Camphill MK Communities rents out spaces in the Chrysalis to hirers whose activities and values reflect those of the Community; inclusion, personal development, and having fun!

The theatre offers raked seating for 200; cabaret-style tables for 150; refreshments in the foyer, home-grown catering from the Camphill Café and excellent technical facilities for lighting, sound and projection and more.

Who We Are?

Camphill MK Communities is an independent charity, one of several hundred charitable Camphill communities worldwide, where adults with learning disabilities live and work independently in an assisted environment.

They are fully supported and play an active part in the running and operation of the community and the theatre. Camphill residents participate in many different workshops, of which the Chrysalis is one, encouraging them to learn in a safe environment where they are well known and to integrate with the wider public.

Our Philosophy

Camphill MK residents and local disabled individuals work at the Chrysalis, helping to maintain and manage it, as well as performing in the Community’s own productions, many of which are open to the public.

Wherever possible, we seek to engage our disabled communities in meeting hirers’ needs, in front-of-house roles for which they have been specially trained by helping to manage car parking, crew the front-of-house, and backstage.

The Camphill Café and Bakery, also workshops for local disabled residents, are just a few metres from the Chrysalis and can supply high-quality catering using ingredients grown and processed at Camphill, including delicious bread.


We encourage hirers, (but don’t require them) to enter into a partnership relationship with The Chrysalis to our mutual benefit.

Hirers can keep their costs down by meeting some of our needs and requirements.

For example, a group who wanted to use the grand piano paid to have it tuned; groups provide ongoing assistance in administering or maintaining the building in return for reduced hiring fees; group members are trained to perform Duty Manager functions, so they don’t have to pay for a Camphill employee to fill those roles.

The principle is that we are open to negotiation to provide the best possible experience to the mutual advantage of both hirer and ourselves.


To support the Chrysalis Theatre, please consider buying tickets to one of our events or donating directly to Camphill MK.