Support Camphill Community MK – Grow Your Tenner 2013

It’s time for Grow your Tenner 2013 – if you support the Camphill Community MK via the Grow Your Tenner campaign then your money will be doubled see below….

Make it go further with Match Funds

Through’s Match Fund campaigns, everyone can make a difference. A matched donation boosts the impact local charities can have on our communities.

Here’s how match funds work:

£10.00     Your donation + £10.00

Donation matched by  + £  2.50 

Gift Aid (For UK taxpayers)    £22.50


After a small processing fee, your £10 single donation with Gift Aid means the charity receives £21.54! A £10 donation without Gift Aid means the charity receives £19.16.


The Chrysalis Theatre is an activity of Camphill Milton Keynes Communities ltd charity number 283556

Current Promotion FAQs: Grow Your Tenner 2013 is matching up to £10 of donations made to local charities from 10am on Tuesday, October 15 until the match pot of £500,000 is all allocated.

Grow Your Tenner 2013 is a chance for people to find and support small local charities working hard to make their neighbourhood a better place.

Q: What charities are eligible to take part in Grow Your Tenner? A: Any charity or community group in England registered on the website with a paid up subscription is eligible to receive matched funding.

Q: Is there any limit to the amount of funding that can be matched? A: Yes, will match £500,000 in donations for the Grow Your Tenner 2013 Match Fund. Each charity can receive a maximum of £1,000 in matched funds via single donations, and £10,000 in matched funds via monthly donations.

Q: How does Grow Your Tenner work? A: Donations made to eligible charities in England through the website will be matched pound-for-pound up to £10 per donation. New monthly donations set up during the campaign will be matched up to £10 a month for six months. Donors can make individual donations between £5 and £1,000 on the website.

Q: How many donations can I make? A: You can make as many single donations to as many charities as you like. You may set up monthly donations to as many different charities as you like. But, you may only set up one monthly donation per individual charity.

Q: Does a charity have to be registered with the Charity Commission to be eligible? A: No, allows organisations too small to register with the Charity Commission to benefit from a simple online giving structure with access to Gift Aid. We will validate unregistered charities.

Q: Does a charity have to be registered with to be eligible? A: Yes, only charities in England that are registered with and have a paid up subscription can take advantage of Grow Your Tenner.

Q: Where is the Match Fund money coming from? A: The pot of £500,000 is a grant from the Office for Civil Society.

Q: Is Gift Aid be included in the Match Fund? A: Only the donation amount is matched, but Gift Aid will deliver an additional 25% (less admin costs) to the original donation. For higher rate tax payers, an additional 25% may be claimed for a total boost of 50%.

More information about Grow Your Tenner See Terms & Conditions For more information contact or call 0300 111 2340 Please tweet to us at @Localgiving using #growyourtenner

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