About Us

Part of The Chrysalis' uniqueness derives from its relationship with the Camphill Milton Keynes Community, Founded upon Rudolf Steiner's philosophy

Who We are

Camphill MK is one of several hundred charitable Camphill communities worldwide, where adults with learning disabilities live and work as independently as they are able. They are fully supported, largely by volunteers also living within the Community. Camphill residents participate in many diffferent workshops, of which the Chrysalis is one, encouraging them to learn in a safe environment where they are well known, and to integrate with the wider public.

Our Story

The Chrysalis has a dual role: firstly, it provides a venue at the heart of Camphill MK for drama workshops with the residents, as well as for Community gatherings and meetings of all kinds. At the same time it provides an opportunity to invite the wider community into Camphill as hirers and audiences. We hope in the future for it to grow as a centre for raising public awareness of adults with learning disabilities.


Our Philosopy

Camphill residents work at the Chrysalis, helping to maintain and manage it, as well as performing there in the Community's own productions, many of which are open to the public. They can become involved in hirers' events too, as and when appropriate, by helping to manage car parking, crew the front of house, and help out backstage. The Camphill Cafe, another workshop for residents, is just a few metres from the Chrysalis and can supply high quality organic catering using ingredients grown and processed at Camphill, including delicious bread from the Camphill bakery.


A Venue to Impress

The Chrysalis has quickly become recognised as a prestigious receiving venue, not only in Milton Keynes but also beyond, with the famous names of Warwick Davis, Priscilla Presley, Barry Humphreys, Felix Dennis and Jonathan Dimbleby (BBC Radio 4's Any Questions?) amongst others all gracing its stage. As far as performance is concerned, we're particularly interested in innovative, 'high-quality' productions of plays, music and dance that are able to provide the community with a wide perspective of performance, particularly if it has significance for those with learning disabilities.